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An SEO Company in Cape Town

Hi there, we’re Storyteller Design

Most days, you’ll find us toiling away at our stand up desks in our shared office space at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, watching amazing ships being repaired in the dry dock next to us and being entertained by talented buskers during our lunch breaks.

We help businesses interact with their customers online through the sometimes intricate art of search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords and beautiful clean web design. We love learning about and helping businesses generate more clients. It keeps our days interesting as we continually learn about the intricacies of all types of industries.

South Africa SEO Company Cape Town Search Engine Optimisation
AdWords Cape Town SEO Company Cape Town

After work you can find us riding on Table Mountain, kitesurfing in Blouberg ( if the south easter is up ) or paddling along the promenade in Sea Point. When we have got a bit more downtime we love to travel, explore the world and dive into wild Africa.

We started our journey in web design but now concentrates almost exclusively on search engine optimization and AdWords for our clients. We use our web design knowledge to help our clients generate the best return on their online marketing investments by ensuring that the visitors we create through SEO and “paid for search” marketing take action on their websites by leaving an email address or phone number, downloading a piece of valuable information or purchasing a product from their online store.

At Storyteller Design we know that purely being number 1 in Google is not our main aim. We focus on generating quality traffic and directing that traffic to take action on a site according to our clients marketing goals. SEO and AdWords marketing are just the tools we use to generate that traffic. We love working with fellow Capetonian businesses as well as clients from around the world.

SEO Company Cape Town Google Analytics DataThe power of online marketing comes from the multiple layers of data that can be collected from visitors accessing a website, because of this we work extensively with multiple data collection sources like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and many more to discover why and how visitors arrive on our clients websites and then understand what they do or do not do while visiting.

Our focus on visitor data allows us to continually improve on our results and get more and more from the online campaigns we are running, improving the results each month as we refine the campaigns. Each month we send through a report showing the progress made that month and how the results have improved or progressed.

If we think it is necessary for our clients to redesign their website we return to our web designing roots to provide a powerful new website with the ideas driving the online marketing campaign incorporated into the website design.

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