Beaumont South Africa


Beaumont South Africa is a new company that have started to import bar and catering equipment from the United Kingdom. Their brief was to have a website that blew the international parent brand’s site out the water, as well as showcased all the products they were bringing into the country, highlighting their key offerings of optic measures, wine coolers and cocktail equipment. The website needed to be ready for their first trade show and provide a portal for new clients to find out about the company. 


The goals of the website were to link the brand with the international branding, which included a neon pink logo, but not stay too close to the parents styling as they wanted a clean and crisp feel for the site. The site must function as an online catalog for the products being imported, so potential customers could easily find the equipment they needed. Woocommerce in catalog mode was selected to best create this functionality, as its structure works fantastically for an online catalog, and if in the future Beaumont South Africa would like to start selling online, it will only take the flick of a switch and the addition of a payment gateway.


Beaumont South Africa