“my bookings have increased three fold”

A case study on the success of Ian Thomas's new website

Ian Thomas

Ian's sales increased by 300% within 2 months of launching his new site. Like Ian, most people do not realize how important your website is in forming the first impressions of you and your company. Your website is one of the first contacts a potential client has with you and your "brand". It needs to quickly and clearly tell your story.

Ian Thomas

“Your website is exciting, It drew me in. I have looked at it in detail and I find it exciting. I also want an exciting site”. I was having lunch with a client and he was commenting on my new website and must have used ‘exciting’ ten times I just wanted to tell you that it feels so good to have people make such statements – well done! More importantly, from the time the website was up and running until now my bookings have increased three fold i.e. 300%. I have done no additional marketing during this time, so it is likely that the new website that you designed for me is responsible for most, if not all of this huge increase.

Ian Thomas Website Project Storyteller Design

Have you neglected your website?

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One of the first things someone does upon hearing about your business is to go online, whether on their phone or computer and search for you in google to have a look at your website.

If your website doesn't quickly and impressively tell your visitor what it is that your company does and why you are special you may loose this customer forever.

Other than the text on your site, it is important that the design and layout of your companies web page shows that you are professional and can be trusted with the job the client is looking to get done. The first thing an old site says about a company is that they are not interested enough in their own business to have a professional web presence.


Like many businesses Ian had launched a website when he first started his business and it worked great, but over time the site grew stale and no longer reflected his image or brand effectively to his visitors and potential clients.

Web design and online capabilities progress quickly as with all technologies and Ian's site fell behind the curve.

While the site grew older, the internet boomed and became one of the most important mediums a business can have when communicating and interacting with clients and potential clients.

How we reinvigorated Ian's brand and boosted his income through a website redesign

Powered by WordPress

The first thing we did was switch Ian's website from an outdated static html page, to the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). This allows us to quickly and easily change, add and delete content on the site, so it can stay up to date with Ian's offering.

The new design was centered around Ian's fantastic photographic imagery that forms the base of his presentations as a motivational speaker. Our aim was to draw Ian's clients into what they could expect when they hired Ian to speak at their conferences.

Youtube Videos Storyteller Design

Showcase Ian through video

An easy way to show what clients can expect at one of Ian's presentations is to show them videos of Ian performing on stage.

Video is an immensely powerful medium and it is gaining momentum online as internet speeds increase. We created a youtube channel for Ian and embed these recordings through out his website.

Woocommerce Revenue Stream Storyteller Design

Add a revenue stream to the website

One of Ian's greatest revenue streams is his Power of the Pride book which talks about the key points of his Power of the Pride presentation.

We added a online store for his book using the e-commerce solution provided by Woocommerce. This is an incredibly powerful addition to WordPress that allows businesses to sell online around the world for a relatively low development cost.

Since his new website was launched Ian has had a number of international orders for his book

Ian Thomas's Clients Storyteller Design

Showcased the clients Ian has worked with visually

Ian has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and within South Africa.

Showing who you have worked with is a great sales technique, but it needs to be done simply and in a way that is easily digestible by visitors, as they have a short attention span.

Our client layout did just that, and even visually separated international from local clients.

Wordpress Logo Storyteller Design

Admin reduction.

Website are great for reducing the amount of admin an office has to deal with and can provide answers clients are seeking quickly and easily. This can be a massive money and time saver.

We created an easy to use expandable FAQ for client's to access all the information they might need about Ian's talks, from his introduction, to what is required at every presentation. These information sources are also easily downloadable, so that clients do not need to request a copy if they desire one.

Have you neglected your website?

send us your contact details and lets start talking about how to boost your sales by 300%.

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